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How do I prepare my fence for installation?

It’s almost time for the installation of your new redwood fence! You’ve selected the layout, the design, and the materials. You’ve signed the contract. But, as we at AMM Fencing are busy preparing for construction day, we ask for your final help as well. The more we do ahead of time, the smoother the process is for all of us.

Be sure to clear items and vegetation away from the fence line before installation.

Clear the fence perimeter 

We need a two-foot clearance along the fence line.

  1. Please remove all items attached to or within two feet of the fence and set them aside in a safe location. Don’t forget about pipes, faucets, electrical boxes, and lighting. Unless previously discussed, AMM will not remove or reinstall any items.
  2. All vegetation should be pulled or cut back as much as possible to meet our clearance expectations. If there are bushes/trees or non-moveable structures (such as sheds) next to the fence line, please ensure that there is full access from the other side.
  3. Take care to cover all plants and structures within three feet of the fence line if we will be using stain. Let’s keep those orchids pink!

“Our builders try mightily to maintain your landscaping,” says AMM Fencing Owner and General Manager Leland Char, “but we cannot be liable for the damage. If crews need to remove vegetation during installation, we apply an extra fee.”

Mark any “non-official” homeowner-installed utility lines 

AMM will notify all utility companies to come and mark their underground lines prior to the fence installation so we can be sure to avoid them when digging. If you know the location of any of the following homeowner-installed utility lines, please be sure to mark them with flags or paint so we can avoid damaging them. These include:

  1. Sprinkler heads or sprinkler lines
  2. Pool lines or pool pipes 
  3. Backyard gas lines (for outdoor BBQ pits, outdoor fire pits, etc.)
Ensure access to water and power

Our crews will bring power tools and will require water for activities such as mixing cement and protecting your landscape from overspray or stain. Please let us know in advance if we will not have access to electricity and a water source. In such a case, and we’ll bring our own water and generator to your location.

Make sure we can get to your property

If you live in a gated community, please provide AMM with the gate code (or give our name to the gate guard).

Also, keep in mind, that we’ll need room to park our 18-22-foot flatbed truck near the site (the closer, the better!) so please clear a place for us.  

Keep your pets safe

We love them too, but dogs and cats (and rabbits and ducks) should be secured inside or away from the construction area on installation days.

Construction workers need space near the fence for supplies and tools.

Work with us

When we arrive at a prepared construction site to build a redwood fence, the installation process is almost always a breeze. If you have any questions or need our help readying the site, please let us know beforehand.

“We want to install your dream fence quickly and efficiently,” shares Char. “And we can’t wait to get started!”


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