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How do you work with your city to ensure your fence meets code?

You’ve decided to install that fence you’ve always dreamed of! AMM Fencing cannot wait to get started. 

But there are some pretty important details that need to be finalized first. 

“Each city has its own regulations when it comes to fencing and some codes are rather specific,” says AMM Project Manager Pete French. “Homeowner Associations (HOAs) may also require you to obtain their stamp of approval.” 

So, before we design your dream fence – and definitely before we dig the first hole – we ask you to review your city and neighborhood ordinances (and obtain signed approvals if required) to ensure your planned structure meets code. While AMM promises to deliver you a quality fence, we need you to guarantee authorization in your region.

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What do city codes require?

Each city is different, but most codes stipulate a variety of conditions when it comes to fences. 

“And codes change,” says French. “So, make sure you’re reviewing the city’s most current document.”

Regulations may consider:

  • Height (with different maximums for front and back yards)
  • Distance to the street 
  • Style (open or closed)
  • Materials permitted
How do I learn about my city’s code?

Below are links (as of 2/1/22) to fence codes in some of the cities we service.  Remember to check in with your HOA as well. 

What next?

After you’ve learned your city’s code and obtained approval from your HOA (if required), let us know. We’ll schedule an installation date as soon as we get your go-ahead and create a beautiful and durable fence that matches both your city’s requirements and your dreams.


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