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Every homeowner would say “Yes!” to the question, “Would you like to see your property value increased, or would you like to sell your listed house faster?” That is obvious since buying or selling a house is one of the main financial events in life and home equity is the single largest contributor to household wealth in America.

There are multiple ways to do it, some are pricier than others; from kitchen renovations to alternative energy solutions, all are great investments, but hey! This is a fencing blog, so guess what are we going to talk to you about?… right! Fences! Fences are incredible to raise the value of your property, the more you think about it, the more sense it makes.

1. A premium redwood fence makes your home shine

If you want to improve your curb appeal, there is nothing more effective than a beautiful stained redwood fence; picket, custom, board on board, you name it, any of these will make house hunters mouth’s water. The first impression can make all the difference between including your house in their shopping list or not.

2. More usable space

With a fence you can turn a wide-open yard, which could be awkward and uncomfortable to relax in, into a well-defined space that invites sitting, relaxing, and spending time with family, friends, and pets. That is a boost for value and appeal that buyers can not ignore. In fact, having those uncomfortable open yards are one big deterrent for potential buyers.

3. Protection and Privacy

A fence brings peace of mind, a feeling that the place where your family and belongings are is a safe space whether you are away or sleeping. That peace of mind is something invaluable that money can buy. Negative safety perception can sabotage your sale.

Redwood Board on Board Fence with Privacy Lattice

If you don’t have a fence, maybe this is the sign you need to install one, and if you do have one, pay attention to the next paragraph.

In the  Tri-Valley and East Bay, without proper maintenance, dated fences can be affected by rot, begin to lean, and become damaged. Home Buyers do not want to fix your neglect, they want a move-in-ready home, so make sure to fix or install a new fence.

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