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What are the advantages of redwood fencing?

It is generally the universal belief that redwood is the best wood to use in fence construction. And as Californians, we couldn’t be in a better location to take advantage of the availability of this premium, locally milled wood. Outside California, redwood can be difficult (and prohibitively expensive) to obtain. But here? Here’s it’s certainly doable, and at AMM Fencing, we have exclusive relationships with some of the best mills in the state.

Dog Ear Redwood Fencing by AMM Fencing


It should be noted that there are different grades of redwood. AMM uses Con Common and Con Heart grades. Con Common (Construction Common) comes from the outer edge of the tree and is probably the most used (and affordable) redwood for construction projects. Con Heart (Heartwood) – culled from closer to the center of the redwood – presents with a slightly higher quality and price. 

“Both grades are superior to all other woods,” says Pete French, AMM Fencing Project Manager. “I’ve never seen a buyer second guess their decision to go with redwood.” 

So what are the advantages of redwood fencing?


Redwood is the hardest of all the woods used for construction. Not only is it strong, but it’s also stable. With oils that keep moisture at bay, redwood maintains its size and shape (no shrinking, twisting, or warping) after installation. Further, it is resistant to insects and rot. And, amazingly, it is uniquely fire-retardant.

“It truly makes an ideal lumber for fencing,” adds French. “The fact that redwood is fire-resistant is the cherry on the sundae for those of us in the Golden State.” 


Redwood has a natural reddish-brown hue, one that is darker than Heartwood. The lumber bears a tight grain design and displays unique, well-spaced knots. 

Other woods – particularly cedar or pine – are much duller in comparison. In a neighborhood of yellow or brown fences, a redwood fence definitely stands out. 

Maintenance and Sustainability

The high level of oils in redwood protects the redwood and eases requirements for maintenance. After the stain is applied during the installation process, the fence is truly in premium condition. A homeowner need only remove dirt and debris from the fence as needed to ensure its continued health. 

And as there are more redwood trees planted every year than harvested, homeowners can rest easy knowing their selection of redwood is not depleting the planet of this miraculous wonder. This is not necessarily the case for other tree species. Redwood makes ideal lumber for fencing. Its innate strength and appearance ensure a long-lasting and breath-taking fence for your yard. Contact us at AMM Fencing today to learn more about how we can make this a reality for you.


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