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Everything you need to know about retaining walls

Retaining walls hold back (or retain) soil when fields of dissimilar height coexist on the same plot of land. A retaining wall is necessary to keep the soil on the elevated side of the divider from shifting. With enormous pressure weighing on it beneath the ground, a retaining wall must be built flawlessly to be effective in the long term.

This retaining wall includes a lattice fence above it.

At AMM Fencing, we employ construction workers with expertise in building retaining walls. As a result, and due to our commitment to craftsmanship done the right way, our retaining walls are both secure in structure and stunning in appearance.  

AMM’s approach to retaining walls

AMM Fencing specializes in creating wood retaining walls up to three feet in height. They can stand alone or rest beneath an accompanying fence.

We place retaining wall posts four feet apart (not the fence-standard of eight feet apart) to ensure greater support. Retaining walls often have a deeper post depth as well (approximately two feet post depth for a 1-foot wall, four feet for a 2-foot wall, and six feet for a 3-foot wall).

What is the difference between a retaining wall and a kickboard?

Some people confuse retaining walls and kickboards. The misunderstanding occurs because both structures touch the ground and thus are pressure-treated to prevent rot. Here’s what you should know about each:

  • A kickboard is a horizontal board installed at the bottom of the fence panel to provide protection against the moisture of the ground.
  • A retaining wall is designed to hold back dirt in yards of differing levels. Retaining walls are like kickboards, but they include additional posts and have additional post depth for greater reinforcement to accommodate the weight of the dirt resting against them.

Both retaining walls and kickboards are covered under AMM’s 15-year warranty.

A multi-level retaining wall prevents soil erosion on the property.
Benefits of a retaining wall

A retaining wall may be imperative if your yard contains ground of differing levels. But retaining walls provide non-critical benefits as well, including:

  1. Preventing soil erosion and flood control
  2. Adding a functional space to your yard
  3. Creating a charming accent

When an AMM project manager initially meets with you to discuss your fencing project, he’ll discuss what you need your structure to include and what you want it to include. Consider adding a retaining wall when you design a fence for your yard.

It can be both a necessary and a desirable enhancement.

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