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Horizontal vs. vertical fences: A comparison

We see vertical fences everywhere. Different styles, different materials, different functions. But there’s another option in the fencing arsenal that gets much less attention: the horizontal fence. And it’s definitely worth considering before making your final fence selection.

Horizontal fences are more modern in appearance than vertical fences.

So, which way should you go: horizontal or vertical? Let’s look through factors to consider.


If you’re hoping for a less traditional appearance, a horizontal fence may be the best choice. A horizontal fence offers a modern look and may complement a similarly sleek, contemporary home.

It also may elegantly offset an older house. But be careful. You want your fence and house to appear in harmony together. They need to mesh well.

Our AMM craftsmen are always happy to advise you on styles before moving forward.

What do you want to highlight?

Horizontal fences emphasize the size of your property. They accentuate the length and width of your plot and may make a small yard look even smaller. But they also can help direct a viewer’s glance to a particular feature on the property, like a tree or water arrangement.

Horizontal fences can be easily customized.

On the flip side, a horizontal fence de-emphasizes the height of your house. If you have a single-level home or a home where you want to appear taller, you may want to stay away from a horizontal fence.

A different structure, easily customized

Because horizontal fences do not need stringers—the two-by-fours that run at the top and bottom of the fence—there is less lumber necessary. And yet, horizontal fences demand a higher grade of lumber and extra posts to prevent sagging. So there’s some give and take here.

Horizontal fences offer greater privacy.

By nature of their design, horizontal fences offer designers greater flexibility. AMM Fencing customers can select our standard redwood lumber for their horizontal fence, of course, but we also offer Red Batu or Ipe if they prefer. AMM’s collection includes a variety of styles and plank sizes for horizontal fences.

Privacy and visibility

For those looking for more privacy, a horizontal fence may be the answer. Outsiders peeking through a horizontal fence will have more difficulty getting a clear look at what’s inside. But the same holds true in the other direction. If you’re a homeowner who wants to see the landscape beyond your yard, a horizontal fence will likely block your view.


Because horizontal fences require specialized workers, more intensive labor hours, and a higher grade of lumber, they do tend to come with a slightly elevated cost.

Still, if you’re aiming for a truly contemporary look that stands out in the neighborhood, a horizontal fence cannot be beaten. AMM Fencing prides itself on our horizontal fence craftsmanship and we’d love to tell you all about it. Call us today to learn more.


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