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How adding a fence, deck, gate, or arbor can increase property value

Whether you’re looking to sell your home in the next year or the next decade, all homeowners should consider what steps they can take today to increase their property value. Fences are always popular improvements as they boost curb appeal, provide security and privacy, and safeguard pets and young children—features that house hunters often seek in a new home.

The first thing they see

A redwood fence improves a home’s curb appeal.

Curb appeal is critical as it has the power to immediately engage (or dissuade) a potential buyer. What differentiates your property? What gives it personality? How does it invite notice?

A well-designed redwood fence, deck, gate, or arbor impresses house hunters from the first moment they see your property (either in person or online). It invites visions of non-leashed dogs, safe children, and backyard evenings with friends. All this before they even set foot inside.

A dog’s life

Americans—especially millennials—love their dogs! In fact, one study found that one-third of millennials cite their dog—over marriage and kids—as a motivator for buying a first home. And more than four in ten millennials reference their dog as a primary reason for an eventual home buy.

Quite simply, the next generation of homeowners wants more space for their furry family members, and they see fences as a bonus when making their purchasing decisions.  

More than fences

Quality fences, decks, gates, and arbors increase property value.

But it’s not just fences that entice potential buyers. Gates provide homeowners with control and protection, ensuring that only invited guests are able to enter a property. Such security devices are increasingly popular as Americans look for ways to shield their families from intruders.

And decks and arbors serve as centerpieces for socializing with family and friends. In the Tri-Valley area, where outdoor parties and barbecues are almost the expected weekend activity, decks and arbors are high on the wish lists for many homebuyers.

Repair before you list

Nothing reduces curb appeal more than a dated fence or outdoor structure in need of repair. Swaying boards, uprooted posts, faded stain—they all suggest age and neglect. So, before you list your home, be sure that your existing fence, arbor, or deck—if you have one—sparkles. Not only does AMM Fencing create new structures, we repair your older ones to ensure like-new quality and appearance.

A win-win

The true benefit of investing in a new fence or outdoor structure is that you win regardless of how things pan out. As the current homeowner, you reap the benefits of enjoying your fence today—it yields protection, privacy, and visual charm—and the promise of future earnings when you sell your home.

AMM Fencing craftsmen are experts in helping those in the Tri-Valley community create fences, decks, gates, and arbors that are both exquisite in appearance and durable in practice. Let us guide you as, together, we build the structure of your dreams and allow you to enjoy all the benefits that come with it. Call us today.


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