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How to maintain a redwood fence

There’s no way to get around the fact: water, wind, and rain do pose threats to a fence over time. While redwood is the go-to material for homeowners wishing to erect a durable, long-lasting structure, and experts agree that a well-maintained redwood fence should last 20 years or more, there are steps consumers should do to extend the life of their redwood fence.

Staining your fence can add years to its life.
Stain: the ultimate protection

We at AMM Fencing are resolute in recommending stain to our customers. A thorough, professionally applied coating of stain to a redwood fence adds years to the structure’s life. Stain keeps water from seeping into the wood, protecting it from cracking, splitting, and splintering.

As a bonus, stain enhances redwood’s natural hue, bringing out the wood’s deepest colors and textures. It also contains UV protection, shielding the fence from premature fading.

Check and correct

To keep your fence healthy and sound, we recommend that customers take a few moments each year to inspect the structure. Look for fading of the stain and reapply a coat if necessary. Remove mildew, dirt, and growing vegetation (which adds weight and invites moisture to accumulate). Tighten loose nails and screws. Confirm that posts are secure. Check for rot.

Even an annual “spring cleaning” may extend the look and life of your fence.

Fixing posts and boards

Of course, over time every wooden fence will depreciate. Boards and posts may show rot or decay, or they may warp. Sometimes, all that is needed is wood filler or putty to fix a knothole. Other times, a simple fix to a damaged post or dislocated board can be handled by a handy do-it-yourself homeowner.  

But frequently what seems to be a “simple fix” isn’t all that simple. Or a storm has damaged your fence beyond your fix-it abilities. AMM Fencing is always happy to handle repairs for you. We add sister posts or replace them altogether. We swap out damaged boards for new ones.

Keep in mind that projects need to meet our $1000 minimum.

A warranty for added assurance

AMM Fencing offers our customers an industry-leading 15-year written warranty against rot on posts and kickboards. As rot is the most common reason for fence failure, AMM’s warranty ensures all homeowners are able to enjoy a healthy, durable fence without concern.

At AMM, we promise superior materials and superior craftsmanship. You can’t go wrong with a redwood fence. And you can’t go wrong with AMM Fencing. Contact us today to learn more.


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