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Installing a fence on a slope

We’re lucky in the Tri-Valley area to enjoy a glorious, hilly terrain. It really doesn’t get more beautiful! And when it comes to designing a fence, a sloped property presents you with a host of different options.

During your initial visit with AMM Fencing, a project manager will inspect the area and propose a choice of designs that best accommodates your property’s natural landscape and your personal taste. When installing a fence on a slope, you’ll have the option to run the fence level to the slope, step the fence to the slope, or contour the fence to the slope. Sometimes, you may also need a retaining wall. This article will help you understand each option to ensure you’re installing the fence of your dreams!

Retaining walls and slopes

When your property borders another property where there is a difference in ground level, or when your property itself has huge variations in terrain, a retaining wall may be necessary. A retaining wall, usually 1-3 feet in height, keeps soil from shifting. Any type of fence can be built atop a retaining wall.

Installing a fence on a slope
A run level fence on a sloped yard in the Tri-Valley.

Run level fence

Run-level fences are flat on top, like a fence installed on flat ground would be. A run-level fence on a slope is built so that the top remains flat from left to right, and only the bottom boards accommodate the changing ground levels. Additional material is may be needed to run level on a slope.

Step with slope fence

A step with a slope fence accommodates a shifting terrain.

A step with a slope fence resembles a staircase. It steps up and down at the top of the fence and is a common solution when installing a fence on a severe slope. While they don’t provide an even flat top, they accommodate steep slopes without installing an excessively slanted fence. The bottom boards of the fence can be cut, or additional material can be added to ensure triangular-shaped gaps aren’t left at the bottom of each section.

Contour fence

A contour fence follows the slope beneath it.

The top of a contour fence follows the contour of the slope beneath it. Posts are plumb, but rails run parallel to the grade. This provides smooth lines while accommodating curves in terrain. This design works well with moderate slopes.

Customized fences that fit your property

At AMM Fencing, we help you understand which type of fence works best with your property while ensuring your unique taste is reflected in the design.

The result is a customized fence that meshes perfectly with your home. Contact us today to learn more.


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