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Is fence damage covered by my insurance?

Your fence has been damaged and you’re hoping to get financial help from your homeowners insurance. Is that possible?

It’s a common question and we at AMM Fencing are happy to give you this answer:


Your insurance company may cover the costs of a new fence under certain conditions.

How did the damage occur?

While every plan is different, most insurance companies cover fence damage costs under certain conditions through their “other structures” program.

It’s all about cause.

If mold, insect manifestation, or normal wear-and-tear is behind the damage, then, no, you’re unlikely to receive compensation.

But if storm damage or vandalism is the cause, then yes, you’re likely covered.

Basically speaking, if your home is covered for a given situation, so is your fence.

Keep reading as we get specific.

A storm

Cause: A tornado or other storm brings about fierce winds and damages your fence.

Outcome: You’re usually covered unless your policy excludes wind damage.

A fallen tree

Cause: A tree takes a nosedive into your fence.

Outcome: This one is a little thorny.

  • If it is a healthy tree on your property, you’re likely covered.
  • If it is a weakened or neglected tree on your property, you are likely not covered.
  • If it is your neighbor’s tree, the insurance company may go after your neighbor’s insurance company to cover the costs.
  • If it is a shared tree, your insurance company may cover half and go after your neighbor’s insurance for the other half.


Cause: Someone vandals your fence.

Outcome: Yes, you’re usually covered.

Car crash

Cause: Someone crashes into your fence.

Outcome: If the someone is you, your homeowners policy will likely cover damage to the fence.

If the someone is not you, your policy will also cover the costs. However, you should consider filing a claim against the driver’s car insurance instead. Often, car insurance companies will cover up to $10,000 worth of damage.

Flood or earthquake

Cause: A flood or earthquake rolls through and damages or your fence.

Outcome: Most standard homeowners policies do not cover these types of natural disasters. Separate policies do allow for them, however, if you want to invest in additional insurance.

A fire or wildfire

Cause: A fire burns all or part of your fence.

Outcome: Yes, you’re likely covered.

Before you file a claim

Take pictures of the damaged fence and record the date and approximate time when the damage occurred. If vandalism or reckless driving is the suspected cause of the damage, file a police report and be sure to obtain a copy of the report.

Contact a reputable fencing company, like AMM Fencing, and request an estimate to repair or replace your fence. You’ll want to determine the cost for the work and evaluate the relative value of paying out-of-pocket or covering the insurance deductible. If you choose to submit the claim, contact your insurance provider to determine next steps.

We at AMM Fencing help our customers in whatever ways we can … including advocating on your behalf with insurance companies. If you think you may be entitled to coverage, please let us know. We’ll work with you – and your homeowners policy provider – to get you the best fence at the best price. Call us today to learn more.


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