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Steps to Building a Redwood Fence

One of the benefits of going with a company like AMM Fencing is that we know the steps of building a redwood fence as well as we know the steps of tying our shoes. Every fence we build is different, and the variety keeps us interested and engaged, but we also rely on muscle memory at this point. Building fences is what we do. It’s part of who we are.

Construction day means lots of tools and slabs of wood. Don’t worry! We clean up everything on our way out.

Among our customers are men and women who are intrigued with the fence-building process and children who see our tools and hats and imagine themselves doing this work one day. So, this blog is dedicated to them.

How do we turn slabs of wood turn into pristine redwood fences? Keep reading.

Before construction begins

Of course, design and material selection are the first steps to constructing a fence. We meet with homeowners and look at their property, discuss design options and prices, and offer a proposal. There is usually some back-and-forth, of course, but once the details are confirmed, we set a date for construction to begin. We also ensure digging on your property is safe by working directly with the Underground Service Alert system.

Set string line

It’s construction day! We meet with homeowners to field any last-minute questions. We make sure pets are secured safely inside. And then we’re on our way.

First, we set a string line of where the eventual fence will sit. We wrap a string around temporary stakes and use spray paint to denote the exact locations for posts (typically eight feet apart).

Dig post holes

Next, we dig post holes. Generally, we dig holes about two feet deep. These holes must be narrow and straight. A well-dug hole makes all the difference as we move forward.

Set posts

We set posts inside the holes and pour in concrete to secure them.

Positioning the posts properly is essential as they truly serve as the backbone of the fence. Posts need to be spaced evenly in a straight line, set perfectly plumb (up and down), and secured firmly in the ground.

Attach rails

To support the soon-to-be-installed boards, we next attach rails to the posts. Rails are horizontal pieces of lumber and, depending on the height of the fence, we affix either two or three rails to the structure.

AMM Fencing offers its customers dozens of choices when it comes to designing their fences.
Install boards

The next step is installing the boards. The boards make up the body of the fence and are the most visibly apparent part of the structure.

Choosing the fence design is perhaps the most fun part of the process for customers. AMM Fencing offers seven different styles or you can choose your own!

At AMM Fencing, we also install a kickboard to your fence. The kickboard is pressure-treated and runs along the base of the fence. Kickboards are necessary to protect the rest of the structure from rot and decay.

Add trim

To create a truly finished look, we next add trim to hide the fasteners that hold the rails to the boards. We also attach handles, locks, and other accouterments to dress the fence.

Potential add-ons

Depending on your particular landscape and your unique preferences, we may also incorporate a retaining wall (needed at the base of the fence when there is uneven terrain on either side of it) or lattice (slats that appear at the top of the fence for aesthetic purposes).

We also strongly recommend applying stain to redwood fences. The staining process finishes your fence and protects it from future decay.

Clean up

Voila! Your fence is complete.

Of course, our last step is to fully clean your area, check-in with you to make sure you are thrilled and haul away old materials.

But you get to stay and adore the fence we have created. Grab a glass of wine, start up the grill, release your pets outside and let them roam. Or just sit by a window and take in the view.



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