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The functions of fences: Eight benefits a fence brings to your property

Behind every fence is a homeowner. And behind every homeowner is a slightly different reason for wanting that fence in the first place.

While we can’t spell out all every rationale for buying a fence, we can lump the reasons into categories. And by our count, there are eight functions for fences. Eight!

There are many reasons people choose to erect a fence in their yard.

Read on to see which one will benefit you and your family.


More and more, we use our backyards for social activity. We invite friends over for a barbecue. We host our child’s outdoor birthday party. We sip wine and stargaze with our significant other. A fenced yard affords us more privacy from peering neighbors.  

A six-foot, closed fence is the most popular selection for those who want to create a sequestered space on their property. But there are literally dozens of options to consider if you want to go a different way.


The wish for added security drives many homeowners to erect a fence or gate. Tall redwood fences with sharp edges are effective in keeping intruders away, as are gates and fences made of wrought iron.

Fences allow you to obstruct the view of things that are better left hidden.

The idea, of course, is to keep potential trespassers from going over, under, or through your structure. With a careful design, AMM Fencing can help you create a fence that successfully protects your home and family.

Obstructing the view

Garbage cans, fire hydrants, recycling containers. Unsightly objects that are adjacent to your property are frustrating to be sure. But a quality fence can block the view and reestablish the beauty that emanates from your home and yard.

A short fence – perhaps even a section or two of lattice – can work miracles. So if hiding a view is your goal, the cost should not be a deterrent.

Beautifying the view

Of course, redwood fences, in particular, are known for their beauty. As a result, many AMM Fencing customers come to us with one singular goal: to make their property even more exquisite.

We offer board on board, louvered, dog ear, picket, and shadow box styles. And with thick-cut overlapping boards, our fences are breathtaking from every angle. A redwood fence most definitely improves the curb appeal of your home.

Keeping the elements away

Too much sun? Too windy? Too snowy? Fences can control for the elements when Mother Nature does not cooperate. They can provide shade, break the wind velocity hitting your home, and even thwart snow drifts.

And if you reside near a busy road or other noise pollutant, the right fence can even block sound.

Keeping animals in their place

You have two dogs, and you want to keep them inside your yard. No problem. Containing a pet is one of the most common reasons for erecting a fence. And of course, we’re not just talking dogs. Horses, rabbits, chickens, sheep, goats, cattle. A fenced property will secure them all.

Sometimes, your issue is the reverse. You want to keep animals outside of your yard. Deer and raccoons are frequent intruders, and a properly constructed fence is the answer for many homeowners. Just be sure to clearly articulate your goals when you meet with your AMM project manager. Animals climb and dig so we need to consider all their tricks when we design your fence.

Pools and rules

Local laws demand that backyard pools are surrounded by a fence.

If you have a pool, you’ll need a fence. It’s a good idea for safety reasons, but it’s also the law.

Each county has a different regulation, so you’ll need to do some research before you erect a fence. But don’t worry. We at AMM Fencing know the Tri-Valley region and we know fences. We’ll make sure you get it right.

That’s yours, this is mine

Boundary fences are typically low, simple fences that subtly remind neighbors where your property begins and theirs ends. We’ll keep our kids on this side, you keep your dog on that side. Polite, but clear.

Equally useful, a boundary fence can direct visitors to your preferred home entrance.

What’s your reason?

So there you have it. Eight fence functions. How can we at AMM Fencing help you meet your fencing needs? We’d love to help you so give us a call today. Together, we’ll create the fence of your dreams.


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