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The risks of DIY fence construction

For some homeowners looking to erect a fence, there is the temptation to take on the construction as a DIY weekend project. “Do it yourself” or DIY projects are quite the rage, after all, and who doesn’t want to save a few bucks? What could go wrong?

The answer, unfortunately, is a lot.

Fence construction is not simple. Think hard before taking it on as a DIY project.

So before you venture into the world of DIY fence construction, take a look at the issues outlined below.


As money is often a primary factor for those considering DIY fence construction, we’re going to address this first.

The simple truth is this: constructing a fence on your own is not cheap.

  1. For starters, you’ll need tools. And not just any tools. There is a truckload of very specific equipment in a professional fence installer’s warehouse—post hole diggers, nail guns, power augers, for example—and limping by with old tools that you find in your shed will likely backfire. You risk both quality and safety when you cut corners on fencing tools. And if you go forward and buy all new tools, prepare to spend a decent chunk of change.
  • Second, lumber. Some of you may have heard of the skyrocketing price of lumber as of late. Knowing where, when, and how to buy lumber has become a specialty of its own, and as a DIYer, you do not have this expertise. Also, individual homeowners, unlike professional construction companies, do not realize the monetary savings of placing a bulk order.
  • Additional costs. There are fees that arise when you dispose unwanted materials at a dump. AMM Fencing mulches the discarded wood that comes from a previous fence or other structure. This practice not only eliminates dump fees, it eradicates the associated negative impact on the environment.


Building a fence requires more administrative legwork than you might expect. There are procedures that must be followed and forms that must be completed. DIYers who start digging before they get sign-off from the powers-that-be may face a fine of several thousand dollars.

Professional fence installers are familiar with California’s Underground Service Alert process, the codes that individual communities specify, and the legal and financial issues involved when you share a fence line with a neighbor.

Companies like AMM Fencing handle these administrative headaches for you. There is indeed the “hassle” factor to consider when taking on fencing as a DIY project.


Professional fence builders earn their living creating and installing custom designs for the yard. They have years of experience learning their trade, even specializing in a particular niche of fence construction.

The most motivated and talented DIYer cannot replicate the quality that a professional can. And as a fence is often the first thing a visitor or potential buyer sees, it should appear utterly flawless, something only a paid expert can promise you.


Speaking of promises, when you install your own fence or outdoor structure, you forgo all warranties. Rot or decay after the first year? A weather storm blows through a board? A post gets uprooted? You’re on your own. Here at AMM Fencing, we offer a 15-year warranty against rot. And if a storm or a fallen tree causes damage to your new fence, we will work with you to coordinate repairs in a timely matter.


Fence construction is not a DIY weekend project. You may need to dedicate a month’s worth of weekends or even take some time off work to complete the job. Children and pets are best kept away from an outdoor project mid-construction, and frustrated neighbors may voice their dwindling patience as the task drags on.


And finally, there is safety to consider. Fence construction is not a simple task. Fence panels are unwieldy, power tools are complicated. Digging holes carries risks. A misstep at any point in the process may result in serious personal injury.

For those willing to take on the gamble, we recommend reading, watching, and studying tutorials to ensure you understand the demands of the construction process before getting started on this DIY endeavor. And we ask that you invest wisely in tools and safety devices to protect eyes and fingers in particular.

And for those of you who see the value in asking a professional to create the fence or outdoor structure of your dreams, please consider AMM Fencing. Most of our builders have more than a decade of experience in the field. Quite simply, we know this work. Give us a call to learn more.


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