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What does a fence cost? The nuts and bolts behind a fence estimate.

“What’s the price per foot?”

Our project managers get this question all the time when we draw up estimates for fences.

But the truth is there are a lot of factors that affect cost. Not all fences are the same, and it’s not a simple matter of X times Y equals Z.

So let’s go through it.

How do we charge for a fence?

Many factors contribute to the cost of a fence, including materials used.


Probably the main factor that affects fence price is material. At AMM Fencing, we specialize in redwood fencing, but we also offer wire and wrought iron.

Very different prices.

And there are subcategories to choose from as well. Do you want con common redwood or con heart redwood? Do you want galvanized hog wire or black hog wire?


Next is the matter of style. If you’re going with redwood, there’s Board on Board, Lourvered, Dog Ear, and Horizontal. There’s Ranch Rail, Picket, and Shadow Box. And you can even design your own fence.

Personal preference may determine your selection, but we can also help you understand how style affects price.


How tall is your fence? A standard fence usually measures six feet in height, and boards are pre-cut to fix those specifications. So, if you want your fence to vary from this norm, you’ll usually have to pay more for both materials and labor.

The same holds true for posts and kickboards. There’s the standard size, and then there’s custom. Custom costs more.


There are also things like terrain. If your property contains slopes, construction will take more time. (A slope of four inches or more will require a retaining wall.) Building around sidewalks and trees will result in additional labor hours as well.

Construction hours increase if your property contains a slope.

We’re able to build the fence of your dreams on any terrain, but we do need to factor in time and materials for accommodations.

Window dressing

Once the fence is constructed, there are handles and locks to fasten. There is lattice to incorporate. And stain to spray for those who want enhanced protection and appearance.

These final add-ons have different costs.

Craftsmanship done the right way

When we meet potential customers for the first time, we always ask them what they want in a fence. What material? What style?

And of course, what budget.

AMM Fencing’s tagline – Craftsmanship done the right way, not the easy way – guides us in everything we do. We use quality materials, hire experienced workers, and offer a fair price.

We do it the right way. And always, with you – and your wallet – in mind.  Call us today to learn more.


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