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Why fence height is important

City and county building offices regulate all sorts of issues when it comes to fences, but nothing gets more attention from them than fence height. These officials may look at fence style or fence material or fence structure, for example, but they will absolutely scrutinize fence height and demand a rebuild if your fence exceeds their height limit.

Each city has its own rules regarding how tall a fence can be.

Fence height is serious business. So, let’s discuss it.

What are the standards for fence height?

Each community has its own rules regarding fence height. Many Californian cities demand that front fences do not exceed three feet, and side and backdoor fences do not exceed six feet, but this is a generality and there are numerous exceptions. It is always the homeowner’s obligation to understand their neighborhood’s rules, but AMM Project Managers are experts in assisting with this endeavor.

How is fence height measured?

Finished height is overall height from ground to top, as measured from the lowest ground side. If a neighboring yard is a foot higher than yours, a six-foot fence may look like a five-foot fence from their perspective.

Post caps, lattice, and other decorative pieces are all included when measuring for height.

Integrated retaining walls, on the other hand, are not considered part of the fence’s dimensions.

Special considerations

Of course, there are many “special considerations” when it comes to fence height. City and county building offices may apply separate guidelines, if a property contains a pool or spa, for example, or sits on a busy corner lot.

You may opt for a shorter or taller fence based on your unique goals and preferences.

Homeowners can always request an exemption to a city or county regulation if they want a taller fence to obstruct an unpleasant view or block excessive noise caused by a highway or public outdoor attraction. Approval of such exemptions, however, are wholly dependent upon the officials in charge.

Personal preferences

Of course, different customers have different goals for their soon-to-be-erected fence, and those goals typically dictate the fence style and height they select. Homeowners who wish for greater privacy may want a taller fence. Homeowners who want to maintain a view of the open space behind them may opt for something shorter.

Fences serve many purposes, and customers should always consider their primary goal in installing a fence before settling on style and height.

We at AMM Fencing are experts in building premium fences for reasonable prices in the Tri-Valley region. Our Project Managers know height regulations for each neighborhood and best practices for designing the right fence for each customer. If you’re interested in learning more, please contact us today. We’d love to help you create the fence of your dreams.


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