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Wind and wooden fences: what to do when weather causes damage

At AMM Fencing, we receive an increased number of calls after every windstorm. A series of severe gusts can dislodge weak fence posts from the ground and thrust vegetation into previously pristine panels. It happens more than you’d think. Wind is a formidable foe to your fence, AMM is here to help!

When the wind hits

A windstorm can be serious business, so make sure it is safe outside before you inspect your fence for damage. If you determine there has been destruction:

  1. Give us a call! We’ll schedule a time for a Project Manager to visit your property and examine your fence damage.
  2. During your estimate, you’ll be provided with different options of repairing and/or replacing your fence. Sometimes, homeowners state that only a small section of their fence needs repair. Our Project Manager will inspect your fence during his visit and provide you with an experts recommendation. In some cases a smaller repair is the right call; other times a full replacement makes more sense. (Please note that AMM Fencing has a $1,000 minimum fee for all construction projects. You can also check out our page about the respective benefits of repair and replacement.)
  3. File an insurance claim if possible. If wind is indeed the cause of the damage, our Project Manager will note it as such on your contract. This is necessary for an insurance claim. Insurance companies frequently reimburse homeowners thousands of dollars towards the repair or replacement of a fence due to weather so enjoy the windfall (so to speak) and take photos to document the damage. We are happy to verify the wind damage directly to your insurance company upon your claim review, just have them give us a call.
  4. Sign the contract and get ready to enjoy your new fence!

Prepare for the wind in the future

Of course, none of us can control the weather, but you can reduce the likelihood of experiencing wind-related damage to your fence.

Wind on the way? AMM Fencing can help if wind damages your fence.
  1. Maintain your fence. Inspect it annually for decay or sagging. Ensure posts are sturdy. A well-kept fence will endure weather storms better than a neglected one.
  2. Plan ahead. Some fence styles are better suited for heavy-wind regions. Those with gaps in the panels – like Picket Fences – allow the wind to pass through easily and reduce the pressure that wind causes.
  3. Hire a professional. We all love the weekend DIY project, but fence repair and construction are best left to licensed contractors. A poorly installed fence is destined to succumb to weather-related damage.

Safety is our priority

At AMM Fencing, we know this business. Damage to fencing can leave yards exposed, causing safety concerns for children, pets, and personal belongings. We work overtime after a windstorm to provide you the soonest possible estimate and installation date, as no one should feel unsecured in their home. Your newly updated fence awaits. Give us a shout to learn more.


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