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Wrought iron versus redwood: Which material is right for your fence?

There are many choices homeowners face when it comes to building a fence. Perhaps the first issue to nail down, so to speak, is the material. For AMM Fencing customers, who are committed to erecting a high-quality structure, there is sometimes a toss-up between wrought iron and redwood.

A wrought iron fence is long-lasting and easy to maintain.

So, let’s look at these two types of fences. What are the differences between them?


Wrought iron is the most expensive type of fencing there is. Redwood, a premium wood material for fencing, carries a higher-than-average price per foot for wood fences. Still, wrought iron surpasses that charge.

Simply stated, one should expect to spend more for a wrought iron fence than for a redwood one.


Redwood fences are susceptible to rot and decay. Over time, homeowners may need to replace redwood posts or boards to correct damaged sections. Re-staining may also be necessary to maintain a vibrant look.

Wrought iron fences will not rot or fade, but they may rust. A store-bought cleaner can renovate a wrought iron fence.


Even as redwood fences remain intact and healthy for two decades or more, wrought iron wins the longevity contest. Wrought iron can last 50 years.

Metal is simply more durable than wood.


A redwood fence offers privacy and a host of design options.

No competition here. With the right style, a redwood fence will provide supreme privacy. Closed redwood fences block outsiders from peeking in and ensure a secluded retreat for homeowners wishing to gather privately.

Wrought iron fences provide an open design and thus cannot shield the view for onlookers.


For those wishing to install a fence strong on security, design is the key. Both redwood fences and wrought iron fences can protect homeowners from intruders if the design is appropriate.

Talk to your AMM Fencing project manager during your initial meeting and outline your goals. We will propose a style that wards against trespassers if that is your preference.

Environmental impact

You can’t go wrong here. Both redwood and wrought iron are eco-friendly materials.

Wood, of course, can be recycled and reused. At AMM, we mulch old redwood and donate used boards to Etsy and other artisans.

Both redwood and wrought iron fences are eco-friendly.

Wrought iron, incredibly, can be recycled indefinitely. It can be redeveloped and reused for a host of purposes. Our AMM staff take discarded iron fences to recycling facilities to reduce the carbon footprint on the planet.


This is truly a matter of personal preference. Wrought iron and redwood offer two very different looks but both are durable, elegant, eco-friendly, and easy to maintain.

Which material do you prefer? Which matches your home?

At AMM Fencing, we offer our customers both options. Talk to us about your goals and personal preferences and we’ll help you choose a material, style, and design that is right for you. We can’t wait to get started. Call us today to learn more.


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