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Premium Redwood Fencing Styles

For those of us in California, where the lumber is accessible and reasonably priced, redwood is the optimum material for fencing. It is durable, resistant to rot and insects, and truly striking in appearance.

At AMM Fencing, we use both con common and con heart boards (we offer Ipe and Batu for horizontal fences). Our most popular redwood fence is board on board style, followed by louvered, dog ear, picket, and shadow box. With thick-cut overlapping boards, your fence is truly breathtaking from every angle. We craft a 1×1 inch trim around the fence to prevent gaps from shrinking boards. The picture frame board on board fence is constructed using 2x4x16 inch thick cut top rails and pressure-treated 2×8 kickboards.

Board on Board


Dog Ear


Ranch Rail


Shadow Box

Custom Design

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