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Protect Your Redwood for Years

At AMM Fencing, we believe that sealing and protecting your structure after it has been constructed is simply critical. Without the proper stain, your redwood fence, deck, or arbor is vulnerable to the forces of nature – namely rain and sun. Premature rot and discoloration are not only possible, but likely, when stain is dismissed.

Before and After

And then, of course, is the issue of appearance. Stain enhances the natural color of redwood. A stained fence, deck, or arbor radiates a polished brilliance that is just spectacular. Unstained structures, on the other hand, are rather dull to the eye.

For these reasons, AMM Fencing doesn’t mess around when it comes to stain. After much research, we settled on what we believe to be the best one on the market: Preserva Wood. Preserva Wood’s oil-based formula permeates redwood, ensuring optimal protection against both water and UV rays. Further, Preserva Wood’s Pacific Redwood stain (the only variety we use) was specifically formulated for customers in Southern California! It elicits a simply breathtaking hue.

Take a look at these before and after pictures. We are die-hard staining advocates and believe your deck, fence, or arbor deserves the protection and appearance that only come with the proper sealant. For more information about stain, check out our blog on the subject. And of course, contact us directly to learn more.

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Stained Finish

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