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What is pressure-treated wood and why do we use it?

Pressure-treated wood is wood that has been injected with a preservative through a high-pressure process. The resulting material is more durable than untreated wood and is particularly resistant to rot, decay, and insects. To ensure a long-lasting structure, it is critical to use pressure-treated wood on all boards that come in direct contact with the ground. 

At AMM Fencing, we use pressure-treated wood on our retaining walls, posts, and kickboards (the horizontal board that runs along the bottom of the fence). We also use it for the underside of our decks. 

Where do we get our pressure-treated wood?

Consistent with our mission of doing things “the right way,” AMM procures the finest pressure-treated wood available and buys it directly from the manufacturer. Launched nearly 40 years ago, AllweatherWood stands by its mission to be “ready for whatever nature brings your way.” The company injects its lumber with a preservative created by NatureWood. This preservative, made of copper and co-biocide, is supremely effective in providing long-term protection of the lumber. It is non-arsenic and resistant to decay and insect attack. 

“Pressure-treated wood is a critical component of a quality fence,” says Leland Char, AMM’s Owner and the employee responsible for sourcing the company’s raw materials. “And we use the preeminent pressure treated wood on the market, treated with the preeminent preservative available. It is most definitely designed to last.”

As a result of the superior materials we use – and the superior craftsmen we employ – AMM is able to offer an industry-leading 15-year guarantee on fences.

No better way to go

“Pressure-treated wood maintains its health for decades longer than other wood,” explains Char. “When it comes to kickboards, posts, and retaining walls, there’s really a no better way to go than what we offer.”

A redwood fence is a quality investment. It offers beauty that lasts. AMM Fencing partners with top manufacturers in the industry to ensure your fence maintains its new look more than a decade after it is installed. By purchasing the most durable pressure-treated wood on the market, we ensure your investment. Contact us today to learn more.


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