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What is stain and what is the benefit to your fence?

At AMM Fencing, we always do it right. We use premium lumber, and we coat it with premium stain. This second step in the process of building your fence is not a small detail. In fact, it’s a critical and ultimately cost-effective measure, which is why the majority of our customers ask us to add stain to their fence.  

What is stain?

Stain is the covering we apply to the wood after your fence is installed. AMM Fencing uses Pacific Redwood color Semi-Transparent stain and we buy it directly from its manufacturer, Preserva Products. We chose this stain for our customers as we believe it is the finest one on the market. With just a single application, it penetrates the inner and outer layers of the wood and ensures an exquisite look and optimal protection for your fence.

Enhance the natural look

You’ve invested in the best wood for your fence, now you want to show it off. The right stain enriches the hue of the wood without disguising its natural beauty. Preserva stains contain a mixture of natural oils that brings out the wood’s deepest colors and textures. It allows for superior durability and color retention and promises a long-lasting “like new“ appearance. 

To see the difference that stain provides, we invite customers to compare a sample piece of wood – one side with stain, one without – while our Project Manager initially meets with them. We also welcome customers to visit our offices (2110 Rheem Drive, Pleasanton), study the Seal and Protect handout we leave with them, or check out our Seal and Protect web page to learn more about the visual benefits that stain offer.

“Our fences remain stunning for ages,“ says AMM Fencing Project Manager, Pete French. “And a big reason behind that is the stain we use.“

Stain brings out the natural coloring of a wooden fence and protects it from wind and rain.

Protect your fence from the elements

Stain helps keep water from seeping into the wood, protecting it from cracking, splitting, and splintering. It also contains UV protection to defend against fading and discoloration.

Sun, rain, and wind can be mighty adversaries to your beautiful redwood fence. While no stain can eliminate these challenges entirely, the right stain offers the greatest protection against weather-inflicted damage. And Preserva stains are fortified with an enhanced biocide package and alkyd resin to provide the most superior cover. 

“We’re pretty lucky with the weather in the Bay Area,” says French. “Still, every fence requires stain protection and the one we use at AMM Fencing safeguards our customers’ fences like none other. Without stain, wood fences naturally deteriorate over time. The life of a fence is far greater when we apply stain.”

Cutting costs

For those on a stricter budget, AMM is able to stain just one side of the fence. While this does not guarantee the same benefits as a fully stained fence, it does offer some protections.

We do not recommend that customers take on staining as a DIY project. Not only is there excessive mess involved for those who are untrained, there is a significant risk in achieving an amateur look. Staining is not a simple job. Talk to your Project Manager before going that route.

Consider the environment

At AMM, we’re all about protecting our environment as much as possible . . . which is another reason we select the stain we do. Preserva stains are made with renewable resources like organic oils and resins. An eco-friendly company, Preserva is “low on emissions and high on solids,” thus offering more value with a reduced carbon footprint.

An essential step

When you choose AMM Fencing to install your fence, you’re signing on with a company that only offers premium products. The fact that we recommend using stain – and the best stain available – it’s just another example of this vision. Give us a shout at AMM Fencing to learn more. We’re always available to discuss your fencing vision and make it a reality.


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